Getting Paid after a Lawsuit

There are many questions that surround a lawsuit. Will you win? What is my case worth? Should you settle?

The one big question that everyone asks their attorney after winning their lawsuit is – How long does it take before getting paid?

A personal injury lawsuit in comparison to a business disputes takes much faster. Getting paid after a personal injury lawsuit can take a few weeks to months depending upon who is paying and how quickly your attorney receives the proceeds from the case.

The typical process starts when the plaintiff’s lawyer receives a check from the defense. The defense in a personal injury lawsuit is typically the insurance company. Once the money is collected by your attorney he or she will typically place the check in a trust account. The lawyer will always be the first to collect on the lawsuit. Your lawyer will deduct his or her fees from the account. These fees are typically incurred during the length of the case and if hired on a contingency fee basis will be a percentage of the winnings.

If there are liens on the case (medical, child support, lawsuit funding) they will be paid by the trust. The remaining funds will be distributed to you.

There are no guarantees in life and a lawsuit is no different. Whether you are considering pre settlement funding because you can’t wait until your lawsuit settles or can’t wait for your settlement check because of a pressing financial situation, we are here to help.

Contact LawLeaf to receive lawsuit funding against your winnings or against potential proceeds from an unsettled case.

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 Lawsuit Cash Funding

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